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Sewing Machines and Their Humble Beginning

Have you ever wondered how sewing machines came into existence? Well, before you even start learning how to thread a sewing machine, might as well learn first how this tool started.

The first sewing machine was patented by Thomas Saint in 1971. But it is only until 1814 when the first machine that imitates a human hand was presented and this is done by Josef Madesperger. By 1833, locksmith machine was invented by Walter Hunt. And by 1851, Singer was his first American patent. No wonder why it is highly suggested to look the for best kids sewing machines in 2017 from the selections of Singer Corporation. After all, they are among the pioneers to introduce this tool to the market.

Meanwhile, in 1857, James Gibbs invented the first chain stitch single thread type of machine and by 1872, the first zigzag stitch machine was patented by Helen Blanchard. In 1877, Merrow invented the first crochet sewing machine. And in 1905, a lot of people started to use the electric sewing machine. In 1921, Singer made another big leap by introducing the model 99 electric sewing machine. This is only electric sewing machine that is portable at that time.

Do you know that Toyota also made a contribution in the innovation of sewing machines? In 1946, they built their first sewing machine. By 1952, Singer circulated its 206 model in the market. This is the only domestic zigzag sewing machine at this time. Come 1987 and Orisol presented its industrialized type of machine that can be very useful in the shoe making industry.

It is amazing to note that sewing machines have gone a long way since they were invented in 1971. In fact, this tool has gained a significant amount of reputation. It has even become a famous product for business and house use. This machine grew in technology and feature. Today, a lot of brands also surfaced in the market like Bernina. Brother, Janome and Kenmore apart from Singer Corporation.

It is also interesting to note that over time, sewing has become a universal hobby. This is not only done by adults but by kids too. Hence, this explains why there are best kids sewing machines in 2017.Kids are given the chance to develop their artistic skills with the use of basic sewing machines meant for beginners. After all, you don't need all those advanced features if you don't even know sewing basics.

The good thing about sewing machines for beginners is the fact that even kids can use it. Its simple operation and easy to use built make it comfortable to use even by tiny hands. And more than that, this is more affordable than the advanced types. But bear in mind that these types can only be used for garments and light textiles. You must not use this on heavy projects since this may not last for long use.

Remember that it took many years for our ancestors to finally come up with sewing machines. Hence, we must take advantage of it.